About Chris

I am Chris Wilson, a free speech advocate and true crime researcher with over two decades of experience advocating for online freedom of expression. My extensive background includes engaging in legal battles with governments over internet censorship issues, enduring imprisonment for refusing to take down a website, defending against constant cyber-attacks, and delivering lectures at various colleges. My insights on the Internet's impact on the First Amendment have also earned me credibility as a reliable source for media commentary.

This community is a platform where I can express my informed opinions on true crime, current events, the First Amendment, and what it's generally like to own a controversial website. I intend to share pictures and videos I obtain through various Freedom of Information Acts requests and offer my insights on them. However, I assure you that my content here will be suitable for any audience, including your average high school civics class.

I have been very fortunate to have such a strong community behind me, and I wanted to offer a platform where we can chat, share opinions, and discuss the events of the day, as well as just give people the ability to support me in the various projects I have going on. I would encourage anyone that also shares my passion for censorship resistant internet to join up and join in on the discussion.

Why should I subscribe to you?

I pride myself on a commitment to providing actual case files, including images, videos, and police reports when possible. I go the extra mile, leveraging the Freedom of Information Act to compile comprehensive data that takes you deep into the heart of each case. My focus is on older cases, where I can provide a wealth of information that's often overlooked.

When you subscribe, you're not just getting access to regular posts—I publish three to four times a week—but you're also supporting our mission to bring the truth to light. Subscribers gain exclusive access to non-public posts and the ability to comment and engage with our content and community.

My work has received extensive media coverage, particularly for our efforts in fighting First Amendment-related cases in court. I believe in the right to information and work tirelessly to ensure that the content is as transparent and accurate as possible.

Your name sounds familiar, have I heard of you?

I have been fighting internet First Amendment related battles for almost twenty years, but someone made a wiki page sometime ago, it hasn't been updated in awhile, yet it will give you some general background information.


What's with the name of this site, Legally Obscene?

In 2006 I was judged legally obscene by a judge in Florida in reference to a site I owned. Since then, I have found that not many people can say they are legally obscene, I'm kinda digging it.