Police Report and Details Regarding the Arrest of Samantha Lee White in Florida

A couple from Fort Myers, Florida has been taken into custody after allegations surfaced of their involvement in sexually abusing their pets.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office reported that Samantha Lee White, aged 26, was involved in multiple sexual encounters with the family's dog.

This incident came to light in Lee County, Florida, where law enforcement officials disclosed that Samantha engaged in these acts while her husband, 29-year-old John White, captured the activities on video.

The arrests of both individuals were made on February 15, as confirmed by the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Charges against Samantha White include engaging in sexual acts with animals. On the other hand, John White faces charges related to the production of explicit content involving animals and humans.

Following the investigation, Lee County Domestic Animal Services intervened, removing four dogs from the couple's residence to assess any potential harm.

The welfare of these animals is now being managed by the Lee County Domestic Animal Shelter, where they are receiving care.

Transcript of Probable Cause Statement:

On February 15, 2024, Detective Sinch of the Lee County Sheriff's Office along with other members of the Lee County Sheriff's Office executed a residential search warrant at 18130 Misty Morning Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33913, for an unrelated case pertaining to a child sexual abuse material Investigation (24-065919).

Lee County Sheriff's Office Detective Patrick Baricelli and Detective Sinch made contact with resident, Samantha Lee White, a white female, with date of birth of March 3, 1997, who agreed to a provide a non custodial statement.

During the statement, Samantha was advised she was not under arrest and was free to exit the vehicle any time she wished, to which she advised she understood.

Samantha provided the following statement, which is not verbatim:

Samantha is fascinated by a horse penis and it's interesting to her of how the horse's penis flares out. She has watched possibly five videos of horse's penises which included horses having sex with other horses and a female person performing oral sex on the horse's penis, Samantha locates this types of video by searching "horse sex" on Google. Samantha has searched around other sex videos of various animals to see what peek her interest.

Samantha has also watched canine sex videos to see if canines interested her. Initially, Samantha declined to answer if she made any videos with animals, saying that she was not comfortable talking about her sexual activities with a male detective present. Detective Sinchi advised Detective Baricelli could step out so Samantha could be more comfortable to which she agreed. Detective Smchi asked Samantha her involvement with canines. Samantha advised she has allowed her brown Labrador retriever canine "Ruger" to penetrate her vagina with his penis “a couple of times" with the last occurrence being a month or so aga. Samantha advised the sexual interaction with her canine was “not my thing" but since a horse's penis fascinated her, she decided to engage in sexual acts with her canine.

Samantha further explained that there is a knot on a canine penis which causes the canine to become locked up with another canine when they engage in sex. That interested Samantha and she wondered how a canine's penis would differ from a male's penis, due to it's anatomy and if she and her canine would get stuck together hike canines do, Samantha clarified that her canine's penis did not get locked up after the sexual intercourse.

Samantha also stated initially she had sexual interaction with her canine when her husband, John White, a white male, with date of birth May 1, 1995, was not present. Samantha was not sure of John was interested in watching her and their canine engaging in sex. Samantha proceeded to say that the first time John attempted to be present when she had sexual intercourse with their canine, the canine became aggressive and territorial. From that time, John only watched her engaging in sex with their canine from behind the door as to not have the canine notice him. Samantha would engage in sexual intercourse with her canine either in the Irving room or the bottom bedroom where all her clothes were located.

Samantha advised she did not know why the sexual interactions kept happening but said sometimes when she drinks she gets horny or at other times her husband would be asleep or showering and felt like her male canine was giving her attention.

Samantha further said, the sexual intercourse with her canine was enjoyable for two minutes out of the whole interaction due to the canine getting territorial afterwards. Samantha advised she engaged in sexual intercourse with her canine four to five times which Included the canine penis penetrating her vagina or the canine "humping" her when he was unable to penetrate her.

Detective Patrick Baricelli and Detective Sinchi also made consensual contact with John who agreed to a noncustodial interview outside of Detective Sinch's vehicle,

During the interview, John was advised he was not under arrest and was free to walk away at any time he wished, to which he advised she understood. John provided the following statement, which Is nat verbatim:

John denied knowledge of how his cellphone could have ended up inside the toilet bowl where it was located by detectives, after John took an extended amount of time to exit the residence during search warrant service and announcements of law enforcement. John advised there were pictures of himself, his wife Samantha and Samantha having sex with a canine on his cellphone. The canine involved in the sexual acts with Samantha is their chocolate male labrador retriever. John believes there are one or two files depicting Samantha engaging in sex acts with their canine.

John stated the files would have been captured by him or Samantha. John recalls taking a video of Samantha engaging In sex acts with their canine sometime in the end of last year (2023) or the beginning of this year, 2024, John stated that day of the incident, Samantha and he were drinking and the canine was being annoying. John does not recall who mentioned engaging in sexual acts with the canine but believes it would have been Samantha. He video recarded the sex act in which the canine penetrated Samantha.