Video Shows Officer Speeding, Distracted Before Crash.


June 20, 2023, Aurora, Colorado - A police officer's bodycam footage capturing him playing music and interacting with a touchscreen just before causing a fatal collision at 100 mph in Aurora, Colorado, has become a sensation on social media platforms.

The officer involved, 26-year-old Eduardo Landeros, has been accused of vehicular homicide due to reckless driving and criminal negligence causing death, as disclosed in an announcement by the 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office.

The deceased motorist, driving a Toyota Corolla at the time of the collision, has been identified as 44-year-old E.A., whose vehicle Landeros collided with.

The deadly incident took place on March 4, at 8:20 p.m. in the Meadow Wood neighborhood while Landeros was answering a 911 emergency call, as reported by the City of Aurora in a press release.

Subsequent to the crash, an internal probe was initiated. The Aurora Police Department planned an interview with Landeros on April 26. However, Landeros submitted his resignation the day before.

In the bodycam footage, Landeros can be seen accelerating rapidly in his vehicle while playing music and using the in-car touchscreen, moments before the catastrophic collision.

Following the accident, Landeros radioed in, reporting his involvement in a crash, that his vehicle had overturned, and he needed medical assistance. The police vehicle, a marked Chevy Tahoe, rolled over post-impact, trapping the officer inside. The Aurora Fire Rescue arrived at the scene, and both the officer and the driver were rushed to a local hospital. The officer suffered serious injuries but is expected to survive. Regrettably, the Corolla's driver succumbed to his injuries shortly after reaching the hospital.

Investigators determined that Landeros was traveling at a speed of 104 to 105 mph at the moment of the crash. Although responding to a 911 call, he neither activated his emergency lights and siren nor wore a seat belt.

Upon recreating the incident, the Colorado State Patrol established that the Corolla was likely traveling between 16 and 18 mph when the crash occurred.

Other officers who were also responding to the same 911 call were not exceeding the speed limit and did not have their lights or sirens activated, unlike Landeros. They were reportedly driving in a "non-emergent fashion," according to an affidavit. Currently, Landeros is out on a $5,000 bail while the internal investigation continues.