Bodycam Video From The Takar Smith Shooting by LAPD


Bodycam Footage Released by LAPD (Part 1)

Note: This video is in two parts, the first above, the second below.

On January 2, 2023, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was involved in an Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS) in the Rampart Division. The incident occurred during the investigation of a "Violation of Restraining Order" and resulted in the death of the suspect, 45-year-old Takar Smith. This article aims to provide an accurate account of the events that transpired, based on the information released by LAPD's Force Investigation Division.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., officers from the LAPD Rampart Patrol Division responded to a radio call concerning a violation of a restraining order. The incident took place at an apartment building located in the 200 block of South Witmer Street. Upon arrival, the officers met with the victim, who presented a valid restraining order and informed them that the suspect, later identified as Takar Smith, was inside one of the apartment units.

After confirming the restraining order, the officers called for additional units and a supervisor to assist in the situation. A tactical plan was formulated to approach the apartment and investigate the violation. The officers then proceeded to the apartment unit where the suspect was located.

Upon reaching the front door of the apartment, the officers initiated a dialogue with Smith, urging him to exit the apartment and surrender peacefully. Smith, however, became increasingly agitated and refused to comply. In response, the officers employed de-escalation tactics for an extended period, attempting to defuse the situation.

Despite the officers' efforts, Smith went to the kitchen and armed himself with a large, approximately 10-inch butcher-style knife. The officers then deployed two Tasers and pepper spray in an attempt to subdue him. Although these less-lethal options initially caused Smith to drop the knife, he quickly picked it up again, raised it above his head, and advanced. At this point, an Officer-Involved Shooting occurred, resulting in Smith being struck by gunfire and pronounced deceased at the scene.

No officers, victims, or bystanders were injured during the incident. A large knife was recovered at the scene and has been booked as evidence. LAPD’s specialized Force Investigation Division arrived at the scene to conduct interviews with witnesses and supervise the collection of evidence by the Forensic Science Division. The complete investigation will be reviewed by the Chief of Police, the Board of Police Commissioners, and the Office of the Inspector General to assess the thoroughness and accuracy of the investigation and to determine whether the use of deadly force complied with LAPD's policies and procedures.

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Bodycam Footage Released by LAPD (Part 2)