The Huddleston Home Invasion by Heradio Ibarra

In a harrowing incident that unfolded over 45 minutes in September of 2008, a Fort Worth firefighter and his wife fought off an armed intruder who broke into their home. The assailant, later identified as Heradio Ibarra, 44, of Fort Worth, died from injuries inflicted by the residents, according to Tarrant County officials.

Ibarra entered the Huddleston residence in the 9200 block of West Fork Trail near Eagle Mountain Lake around 9:30 PM, armed with a hatchet, an unloaded gun, and a metal pipe wrapped in tape. He also carried some rope, raising questions about his intentions.

Ronald Huddleston, a Fort Worth firefighter, suffered a broken arm and facial cuts during the struggle. His wife, Jill, also sustained injuries but managed to stab Ibarra multiple times. "Please hurry, we are all bleeding," Jill Huddleston told the 911 operator during a tense 12-minute call that captured much of the fighting.

Jill Huddleston repeatedly urged the operator to "hurry up," stating that they had "got the guy down" and that she had "stabbed him several times."
At two points during the call, Jill Huddleston responded to muffled words from Ibarra, saying, "No, I ain't killing you."
Both Mr. and Ms. Huddleston repeatedly yelled at Ibarra, asking him why he had targeted their home. "How did you pick us? How?" Jill Huddleston asked, a question that remains unanswered.

Tarrant County investigators found binoculars near the scene, suggesting Ibarra had been watching the couple from a distance. Despite having no criminal background, Ibarra targeted the Huddlestons for reasons that remain unclear. "We are trying to figure this out, but he is dead," said Terry Grisham, a Tarrant County Sheriff's Department spokesman.

Family members of Ibarra said he had been having financial problems and had moved to Fort Worth for work. The Huddlestons offered Ibarra a coin collection, some cash, and their vehicles during the invasion, according to the 911 call transcript.

Listen To The 911 Call:
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