Leslie Edward Smith: Shoots Woman Living With Him

On the afternoon of July 26, 2009, Leslie Edward Smith dialed 911 and calmly told a dispatcher that he had just shot someone in his house who would not leave. The victim was Jaquelyn Larue Gore, 48, who had been living at the same address as Smith at 3 Kelly Pine Court in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

According to the 911 recording released by the sheriff's office, Smith told the operator, "I shot this girl who been living in my house. She won't get out. So I shot her." He further explained that he had put the gun down on a table and that Gore was seriously wounded, probably dead.

The dispatcher inquired if Gore was beyond help, to which Smith chillingly replied, "She should be. I shot her point-blank in the chest." When the dispatcher suggested performing CPR, Smith declined, stating that he just wanted the sheriff's office to get Gore out of his house.

The dispatcher continued to urge Smith to try and help Gore, but Smith refused, saying, "I don't want to help her. She's dead." He further mumbled under his breath, "This is ridiculous. I just shot her."

When deputies arrived at the home, they ordered Smith to come out with his hands up, and he complied. Inside the house, they found Gore dead from a gunshot wound to the chest.

A Wake County jury found Leslie Edward Smith guilty of shooting his girlfriend outside their Wake Forest home. The trial revealed that Smith had shot Gore in the chest at about 2 p.m. on the day of the incident.

The case also drew attention to the chilling 911 call, where Smith's calm admission of the crime and refusal to perform CPR were played in court.

911 Call Made by Smith to Police:
Leslie Edward Smith 911 Call