Man Punches Cop; Quickly Regrets It

K9 Officer Roman Scuadroni

In 2019 around the city of Newburgh, a series of alarming events unfolded that led to the arrest of a man who threatened residents and assaulted a police officer. Randy Martinez, 23, and his friend were leaving Martinez's home on Washington Street when they encountered Tony Mann, 31, behaving erratically in their driveway. Mann, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs, threatened Martinez and his friend with a folding knife.

Concerned for the safety of his family members who were cooking near the back door, Martinez immediately called the police and began recording the incident on his phone. Responding to the call was City of Newburgh K9 Officer Roman Scuadroni, accompanied by his K9 partner, Lee.

Upon arrival, Officer Scuadroni attempted to engage with Mann, who was still behaving erratically. The situation escalated when Mann advanced towards Scuadroni and punched him in the face. In response, Scuadroni released Lee from the squad car. The K9 officer jumped on Mann, attempting to control his left arm, while Scuadroni also tried to restrain him.

Additional officers arrived on the scene within minutes to assist with the arrest. Officer Scuadroni suffered minor injuries to his mouth and thumbs during the altercation. Mann was taken to St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital for treatment of intoxication and a minor dog bite from Lee.

The folding knife Mann used to threaten Martinez was later recovered from the driveway. Mann was charged with trespassing, a violation, as well as third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and second-degree menacing — all misdemeanors.