Naked Woman Shoots into Traffic on Bay Bridge

Video Shows Naked Woman Shooting into Traffic in California.

A recent incident on the Bay Bridge left commuters in shock and awe as an unclothed woman wielding a firearm caused a significant disturbance during Tuesday's evening commute. This unusual event was captured on video, providing a clear account of the unfolding chaos.

The incident began with reports of a woman driving erratically on the Bay Bridge, just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the woman exited her vehicle twice amidst the flow of traffic. On one occasion, she was reportedly armed with a knife. Despite this, she returned to her vehicle and continued her journey towards Oakland.

The situation escalated when the woman stopped her vehicle near the toll plaza. This time, she emerged from her car completely unclothed, brandishing a pistol. She began firing shots into the air and at passing vehicles, resulting in multiple cars being hit.

CHP Officer Andrew Barclay stated, "It became pretty clear immediately she was experiencing some sort of mental health crisis." The woman eventually surrendered near the I-880 ramp and was placed on a mental health hold at a local hospital.

The investigation into what triggered this dangerous event is ongoing, with authorities considering whether alcohol or drugs may have played a role. Despite the severity of the incident, Officer Barclay indicated that the woman would likely face several charges. He explained, "Due to the severity of the incident here, there are criminal charges that can be filed. So what we have to do is we have to allow the hospital to do their job. Give her the treatment and help that she needs and then once she is released from that, then, we can take her into custody."

Remarkably, despite the gunfire and the potential for harm, no injuries were reported. The situation was described as unprecedented by law enforcement. Officer Barclay expressed his relief, stating, "We are grateful no one was harmed in this incident. Our officers were able to get there, deescalate that situation, get her to drop her weapon and take her into custody. I don’t have anything to parallel this to. I don’t have another incident that I can compare this to."