The Incident of Henry Laseke in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Henry Laseke, a senior citizen from Arlington Heights, came to public attention due to an unfortunate incident involving a 911 emergency call. This incident occurred when Laseke found his car sinking in a local pond.

On the morning of the incident, Laseke made a distress call to 911, informing the dispatcher about his rapidly deteriorating situation. Despite the imminent danger, Laseke managed to communicate the specifics of his situation to the operator.

The Arlington Heights Fire Department was promptly dispatched to the scene. However, locating Laseke proved to be a significant challenge. Ultimately, the emergency services were unable to reach Laseke in a timely manner, leading to a tragic outcome.

Following the incident, questions regarding the effectiveness of the local emergency services arose. Investigations were launched to assess the situation and explore potential improvements to the existing emergency response procedures.

Arlington Heights Drowning 911 Call